The International Newsletter For Those Fighting Ovarian Cancer

"10 Tips Series for Coping"  
By Jim Acee

Introduction: This is the introduction to a series of articles compiled by Jim Acee,  husband and caregiver for Savanna Acee who was diagnosed in June 1995 with stage III ovarian cancer, had six rounds of chemotherapy, and then a recurrence in July 1996 with metastasis (spread) to the liver and diaphragm with seeding throughout the abdomen. Savanna was placed on hospice in September 1996 and given only months to live. She subsequently survived with a high quality of life for 10 years using a combination of alternative, complementary and traditional (chemotherapy) treatments. For more information on Savanna's treatment methodology, or to discuss your cancer-related concerns contact Jim  at , call 208-384-1708 (mountain time zone) or write to Jim Acee, 4024 Whitehead, Boise, ID 83703, USA.

Future "10 Tips" articles will appear each month in the CONVERSATIONS! Newsletter. Previously published articles in this series are in the "10 Tips" section of or send a stamped, self addressed envelop marked "10 Tips Series" to CONVERSATIONS! PO Box 7948, Amarillo, TX 79114.

Copyright  2000 Jim Acee and CONVERSATIONS!, (Permission is given to make personal copies or copies for free distribution to cancer fighters.)  Available on the web at: under "10 Tips Series for Coping by Jim Acee."

Articles in TEN TIPS Series

Article 1-April 2000            10 Tips for Inspiring Survival

Article 2-May 2000             10 Tips for Doing Healing Things Together

Article 3-June 2000            10 Tips for Using Diet and Nutrition in the Healing Process

Article 4-July 2000             10 Tips for Caregivers

Article 5-August 2000        10 Tips for Creating a Healthy and Comfortable Home Environment

Article 6-September 2000   10 Tips for Involving Other People In Your Healing Process


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